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Your Doctor Has Prescribed You an
Advanced Care Support Program

As a patient, your participation plays a critical role in managing your health!

Your Doctor wants you to have additional
support in managing your healthcare

The program ensures you get the best care possible. Your dedicated nursing team simplifies your care between Doctor visits by assessing and discussing your needs then directly coordinating all of your care between our office, your pharmacist, specialists and more on your behalf.  All of your personalized information is available to you in a secure mobile and web application and your care team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your Own Care Team

Your Own Care Team

  • Dedicated clinical nurse team with a best-in-class staff
  • Available to discuss any issue 24/7 by phone or through chat
  • Full care coordination with all of your doctors and more

Personalized Care Plans

Personalized Support

  • Personalized care plan focuses on your specific needs
  • Monthly phone check-ins assess and discuss your current health needs
  • Proactive care helps find issues before they become problems

Care Coordination

Simplifying Your Care

  • Your team is the primary coordinator for all of your healthcare needs
  • Appointments, Rx refills, specialist scheduling, referrals, and more
  • Any request can be handled through one phone call, chat, or email

Care in the Palm of Your Hand

All Your Info in One Place

  • All of your key information is centralized and securely available
  • Care plans, appointments, labs, personal data tracking, personalized health education and much more
  • Always available in a secure and easy to use web and mobile app
Your Own Care Team

Experienced, dedicated clinical nurse care teams form a relationship with you to help navigate the complex healthcare system for your needs.

Apps Designed Just for You

Easy to use mobile and web apps provide access to personalized information including care plans, lab results, progress tracking, educational content, and more.

Mayo Clinic Health Education

Detailed and personalized content from the Mayo Clinic provides you with a 360-degree understanding of your specific chronic conditions.

Simplifying Your Care

Rx assistance, medication monitoring, coordinating specialist visits, and obtaining referrals for therapy, nursing, DME, and more are all included.

Answers When You Need Them

Utilize the on-call care team to quickly get answers when you need them 24/7 regarding questions about medications, lab results and more.

Reward System

Earn celebration points and rewards for complying with your health care plan, making it fun and rewarding to improve your health and overall wellbeing.

Add Your Family (and Caregivers)

Optionally add family members and/or caregivers to your care circle so they can work directly with your care team to maximize your progress.

Connect Your Medical Devices

Increase home monitoring by syncing home medical device data including scales, blood pressure devices, fitness trackers, glucometers, and more.

Securely Chat With Your Team

In addition to calling your care team, use the apps on your phone and tablet or on the web with your mac or pc to securely communicate with your care team 24/7.

Program Cost
The cost of this program is often free but may range from a $6-$10 dollar co-pay per month depending on your insurance.  Simply click enroll or contact us below to find out the cost of the program for you.  You may stop the enrollment process at any time without charge.


Program Termination
Once you have enrolled in the program, if you should ever change your mind and decide to terminate, you may cancel any time by telling your care team nurse.

Ready to take advantage of our Chronic Care Management program?