Care Delivery Services that Seamlessly Extend your Practice

Orb Health’s care delivery services are staffed with experienced, licensed, and certified medical practitioners. Our proprietary and collaborative platform extends existing EMR systems to meet telehealth requirements, then our care delivery staff effectively provides comprehensive and predictive gap care as a telehealth service, without adding additional staff to your practice.

Maximize Enrollment

Orb Health’s care delivery services uses the power of the Orb Health platform synchronized with your EMR to automatically identify every eligible patient for supported codes (Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health, Transition Care Management, more). Our practitioners drive effective patient consent and enrollment campaigns by systematically reaching out to these patients through multiple means as an extension of your practice. The end result is a patient enrollment rate of over 60%.

Seamless Extension of Your Practice

Our care delivery teams operate on behalf and in the name of your practice under your communication preferences while care delivery data is synchronized to your existing EMR. Your patients perceive that you have a wide range of services to help them with their care without having to invest in additional staff, telehealth infrastructure, or additional systems.

24/7 Patient Access

Orb Health’s care delivery teams are available to your patients 24/7/365 and can communicate under a broad set of technologies including phone, text, web site, application and more. Whether your patient is having an acute episode or simply needs to ask a questions, their nurse is always close by and ready to work with them.

Meaningful Relationships and Satisfied Patients

Orb Health’s care delivery services are broken down into 3-person care pods staffed with licensed and certified medical practitioners so your patients and our providers get to know each other. This approach provides a differentiated experience for your practice by placing a special emphasis on establishing meaningful relationships and connection that drives a more engaged and compliant patient. Your patients will enjoy and appreciate a long-term relationship with their care team which increases their overall satisfaction.

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