Clinical services that seamlessly extend your practice

Orb Health provides technology and solutions that enable experienced medical practitioners to effectively deliver your care plans to your patients without adding overhead to your practice.

Maximize Enrollment

Patient enrollment and engagement is paramount for the success of care delivery programs. Orb’s staff can help assist, drive, and document patient consent and enrollment for participating programs such as chronic care management. Combined with Orb’s patient-centered innovative web and mobile technology solution, patient enrollment, satisfaction, and outcomes are maximized.

Build Meaningful Patient Relationships

Orb provides a differentiated experience for your practice by placing a special emphasis on establishing meaningful relationships and connection. Your patients will enjoy and appreciate a long-term relationship with their care team that stay with them over time (in contrast to speaking with a different care staff each time). This connection enhances each patients path towards wellbeing and disease management.

24/7 Patient Access

Orb care deliver teams use Orb’s HIPAA compliant, secure, and encrypted technology platform to enable 24/7 access to care teams as an extension to the provider. Care teams and patients can communicated with telephony systems, chat, and SMS (coming soon) methods of communication.

An Extension of Your Practice

Care delivery teams operate as an extension of your practice through data and care delivery synchronicity that tracks back to the patient EMR.

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