CUSTOMER: Revenue Cycle Management

Turnkey Solution Drives Diversified Revenue Streams


Expand customer services
and streamline CCM billing

Orb Health provides turnkey Chronic Care Management (CCM), Behavioral Health (BH), and more as services that Revenue Cycle Management firms rebrand and sell to their customers. RCM’s add new and diverse services that expand revenue lines while customers seamlessly extend care capacity with increased quality and satisfaction that improve patient outcomes without adding overhead.

Turnkey, Patient-Centric Solution

Orb Health offers the unique combination of an EMR-integrated infrastructure and care delivery services providing efficient clinical workflows, regimented patient interactions, appointment scheduling, Rx management, specialist coordination, care alerts and notifications, and much more.

Bidirectional syncing ensures the EMR remains the “patient record of truth”, increasing the effectiveness of existing portals, ensuring billing readiness, and code compliance. Reimbursements are increased and run through existing billing solutions provided by the RCM.

Outsourced Care Delivery

Orb Health empowers Revenue Cycle Management companies to expand their product offerings through an outsourced set of services. You are now able to offer your new or existing customers the critical care services they are seeking as an addition to your current portfolio. We provide complete support through pre-sales, deployment, and operation as an extension of the RCM so you are able to focus on customer service with minimal disruption.

Quickly increase and diversify your product portfolio as a strategic initiative that expands your revenue lines and further increases your business with existing customers while providing a differentiated value proposition that attracts new customers.

Expand and Stack Reimbursements

Orb Health provides a module based platform approach to seamlessly extending care capabilities, enabling your customers to easily expand into efficient Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health, Transition Care Management,
Patient Generated Health Data, Annual Wellness Visits, Risk Assessment Visits, and more. Our focus on the ever-changing CPT code and policy landscape ensures 360-degree compliance while we add more CPT codes over time.

More CPT code support means your customers can stack additional services for cross-service eligible patients. Not only does this enable a greater number of patient services that increase and expand revenue lines that run through your RCM, but also creates better patient outcomes while improving satisfaction.

Diversified Services

RCMs leverage Orb Health to create a diverse and profitable portfolio of products that attracts new customers and expands existing customer services

Broad Code Support

Modular platform supports ever-growing list of CPT codes including Chronic Care Management, Transition Care Management, Behavorial Health, and much more.

Increased Revenue

Whether your customers support a single CPT code or stack multiple CPT codes across co-eligible patients, the result is the same: more revenue is processed through your RCM.

Streamlined Billing

Bidirectional EMR synchronization and regimented workflows ensure billing is properly coded as interactions occur so billing becomes streamlined.

Quick Time to Go-Live

Turnkey, cloud-based solution combined with experienced practitioners, an entire compliance department, and marketing enablement ensure your services are brought live quickly.

Comprehensive Compliance

Turnkey solution combined with experienced practitioners and compliance review best practices ensures requirements are continually met and exceeded.