Future-Proof Collaborative Care Management

The foundation of Orb Health’s solutions is our HIPAA-compliant, cloud platform that bidirectionally synchronizes with your existing EMR system so your IT systems remain the “patient record of truth” while expanding the capabilities of your existing portals and applications. Our fully compliant system optimizes clinical workflows, drives layered patient engagement programs, ensures compliance, maximizes reimbursements, and measures all aspects of provider financial and operational success as well as patient outcomes. Orb Health supports today’s most critical services (CCM, TCM, Behavioral Health, more) but is purpose built to quickly expand support for future codes and policy changes. Combined with our Care Delivery Services, you have everything needed to seamlessly extend and expand critical provider services that transform patient lives.

Integrated Cloud Platform

Orb Health provides a secure, HIPAA compliant platform built on Microsoft’s healthcare-focused Azure Cloud Platform. It connects and synchronizes with existing EMR systems, like Epic and many more, so existing records are used and maintained as the “patient record of truth”. Therefore, existing applications and portals are always current with the work performed through the Orb Health system.

We also offer a web portal and mobile application as an option to extend care when these items do not exist. The platform also provides a HIPAA-compliant messaging system ensuring patients can securely talk to their caregivers whenever needed. Finally, it connects with hundreds of internet enabled devices such as glucose meters, scales, etc. to add data to help round out the view on the patient’s state of health.

Personalized and Extensive Collaborative Care

The platform empowers providers, care delivery teams, caregivers, and patients to closely collaborate to increasing their health across multiple CPT codes such as Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health, Transition Care Management and much more. Personalized care plans are created and curated in the system and are accessible online 24 hours a day. Appointments are coordinated between primary care Doctors and specialist as needed on behalf of the patient.

Prescription medications are checked for interaction issues and usage Is tracked. Lab results are optionally made available and the results deciphered so the patient can understand their meaning. Regimented workflows ensure that providers and caregivers meet the CPT code requirements as they perform the various services. This also ensures that the records are ready for billing. The patient, provider, and medical device can all enter data and the platform will use it to predictively find warning signs and alert the care teams before they become serious health issues.

Enrollment and Care Delivery Services

The Orb Health Care Delivery Services team acts as an extension to the provider, expanding the service capacity without additional overhead. Our team is comprised of dedicated and experienced nurses that understand how to efficiently interact with patients while building meaningful relationships. The platform will continually identify eligible patients in your EMR and present them to our enrollment team. They will then reach out to the patients to secure consent to join the program.

Our Care Delivery teams are broken into small groups so they can really get to know the patients and build a level of trust, and are available 24 hours a day. Once the patients are enrolled, our care teams will perform the CPT code required services by following our regimented workflows with all interactions carefully documented to ensure compliance.

360-Degree Analytics and Compliance

Measuring results and compliance is key to understanding and influencing outcomes in your own performance and your patient’s lives. We offer a 360-degree approach to measuring all aspects of the provider and the patient including provider financial proforma, billing codes, patient metrics and much more.

Examples of our compliance checks include:

  • ALL accounts with multiple overlapping time frame audits with the ability to monitor by clinic or by staff assigned based on % of patients enrolled.
  • Enrollment tracking and audits to ensure all CMS program requirements are met for valid enrollment.
  • Care delivery tracking and audits to ensure CMS program elements and outcome based care is being delivered. Ability to monitor monthly by clinic or by care staff assigned based on % of patients enrolled.
  • Staff rejection tracking for trends with compliance issues for continuous education and training.
  • Platform tracking and monitoring of Medical decision making to include documentation audit to validate CMS requirements for Complex CCM.
  • Outcome driven care planning to individually track patients from identification to resolution which includes monthly audits for compliant care being delivered.

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