Future-Proof Collaborative Care as a Service

Orb Health’s Care Delivery Services utilize our proprietary, HIPAA-compliant, cloud platform that bidirectionally synchronizes with your existing EMR system so your IT systems remain the “patient record of truth”. Our fully compliant system securely synchronizes patient data from multiple sources, intelligently organizes patient charts and care plans, manages patient workflow, prioritizes engagement, and predicts possible patient issues so our remote care delivery teams provide unparalleled service.

This innovative solution helps us maximize enrollments, optimize clinical workflows, drive layered patient engagement programs, ensure compliance, grow reimbursements, and measures all aspects of provider financial and operational success as well as patient efficacy and outcomes. Orb Health’s modular platform is purpose built to quickly expand support for future codes and policy changes, so we can continually extend and expand critical services that transform patient lives on your behalf.

Multiple Interaction Options

Patients can access care information through existing apps and portals or through the Orb Health mobile app and portal, enabling a wide range of interaction options.

Personalized Care Plans

Create and curate advanced care plans based upon personal needs then track activities, log actions, and follow patient problems and exacerbations.

Medication Management

Provide medication management and adherence tracking as well as personal clinical medication reviews, medication efficacy tracking, and more.

HIPAA Compliant and Secure

Secure, encrypted, and fully HIPAA compliant cloud platform that runs on healthcare friendly Microsoft Azure and ensures Protected Health Information (PHI) standards.

Bidirectional EMR Syncing

EMR integration bidirectionally syncs services documentation, interactions, care plans, and enrollment consent ensuring the EMR system is always the “record-of-truth.”

Eligible Patient Discovery

The platform will synchronize with the EMR system then determine patient eligibility across any set of supported codes then present these patients for enrollment.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule patient appointments with the entire care circle including providers, specialists, caregivers, and more, as well as send alerts and reminders.

Specialist Coordination

Work with the practice to find the appropriate specialists, schedule the appointments, and coordinate their interactions for any patients specific needs.

Deciphered Lab Results

Lab results are synchronized between providers and deciphered into a patient readable format complete with gauges showing positive / negative context and education.

24/7 ``Circle of Trust`` Communication

Secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant 2-way nurse-patient chat in Mobile app or Web Based Portal including embedded SMS Communication.

Personalized Condition Education

Personalized material from Mayo Clinic is presented to patient as well as specific nutrition and exercise guides which are specifically created for the patients needs.

Care Coordination Dashboards

Dashboards for care teams and program managers unlock collaboration and streamline inter-group workflow, increasing efficiency and improving care.

Efficacy Tracking

Patient needs are tracked to resolution, lab values and vitals are monitored to ensure care plans are effective and health goals are met so clinical staff can quantify success.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Patient health is remotely monitored using hundreds of connected device options or entered manually with any elevated or out-of-range values alerted to clinical staff.

Predictive Analytics and Alerts

Machine Learning components studies trends over time and in some cases sends alerts to the care team to ahead of when a patient might have a crisis situation.

Comprehensive Compliance

Turnkey solution combined with experienced practitioners and compliance review best practices ensures requirements are continually met and exceeded.

Streamlined Billing

Bidirectional EMR synchronization and regimented workflows ensure billing is properly coded as interactions occur so billing becomes streamlined.

Health Gamification for Patients

Integrated experience of celebration points, badges, push notifications, with streamlined care plan integration inspires patients to engage and comply with their care plans

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