Scale and Accelerate Vaccine Delivery

COVID-19 Patient Care
and Vaccine Coordination Services


Scale and Accelerate Care Coordination and Vaccine Delivery

Orb Health Enterprise Virtual Care is uniquely positioned to service the immediate patient needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic. By leveraging CMS’s suite of virtual care management programs and COVID-19 specific workflows and protocols implemented in February 2020, Orb Health helps health systems and centers to scale the coordination of testing, lab results, doctor appointments, follow-ups, and contact tracing. Orb Health has now added a vaccine program for patient qualification, contact, and coordination that helps scale and accelerate vaccine delivery.

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Contact Center Scaling

Orb Health’s remote team acts as a seamless extension of the contact center for health system or centers.  We rapidly scale inbound and outbound call volume handling, acting in the name of the practice, while securely updating your patients EMR record.  We ensure that you’re able to meet the enormous demand while maintaining collaboration and a seamless experience for the patient.

Dedicated Vaccine Campaign Call Routing

Leveraging Orb Health’s contact center and your EMR, we scale your outbound patient call program using dedicated inbound lines, add a dedicated vaccine program campaign in your call tree and can scale these services no matter how large the demand.

Effective Vaccine Workflow

Orb Health works with your health system or center to identify eligible patients, perform proactive outreach, schedule the vaccination delivery, and then perform follow-ups both through phone and scheduling visits if necessary.  All interactions are posted to the patient’s EMR record and practice schedule so the patient and provider relationship remains cohesive.

Ongoing Care Coordination

Orb Health offers multiple chronic care, patient support, and outbound campaigns that can help your health system or center continue to seamless coordinate the care of your patients.  Whether it’s COVID-19 related, preventative care, or a short-term campaign, Orb Health can help you scale to meet the challenge over time.

Independent studies have confirmed Orb Health’s ability to produce a 54% reduction in emergency room utilization and 22% reduction in hospitalizations resulting in $6.22 mm annual Medicare savings per 1,000 patients or chronically ill patients.

Critical Services that Reduce Utilization and Improve Patient Outcomes

Scalable Contact Center

Rapidly scale the call volume the contact center can handle without hiring or training a single employee

Vaccine Eligibility

Determine which patients are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine and it which priority band

Personalized Care

Orb Health nurses know the patients exact pre-existing conditions as our clinicians have access to the patients Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Vaccine Scheduling

Coordinate patient care according to practice workflows and best practices for COVID-19 related care or vaccine administration

Telephone Follow-Ups

Perform appropriately timed check-ins to ensure patient is reacting properly to care or vaccine and schedule inpatient visits if necessary

24/7 Communication

Orb Health's clinical care teams are available 24/7 to assist patients with issues or questions with full interaction detail that is always available in the EMR.

COVID-19 Education

Review and answer any questions for COVID-19 related programs including the vaccine.

Contact Tracing

Orb Health also offers contact tracing programs to help scale your ability to inform those that may have been infected.