Coronavirus Overview

COVID-19 Pandemic
Response Services


COVID-19 Care Specifically Tailored
for the Patient

Orb Health Enterprise Virtual Care is uniquely positioned to service the immediate patient needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic. By leveraging CMS’s suite of virtual care management programs and COVID-19 specific workflows and protocols implemented in February 2020, Orb Health has established an effective delivery model to coordinate testing, labs, doctor appointments, follow-ups, contact tracing and anything else needed to properly address COVID-19 exposure and/or infection.

Orb Health combines stratified telehealth services with patient care coordination enabling a scalable approach that deals with all socioeconomic classes of patients. This capability is far beyond simply “a doctor on the phone” that most telehealth solution provides and best meets the needs of at-risk patient populations.

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Proactive Patient Outreach

Orb Health’s team uses the power of the Virtual Care Hub that is connected to the patients electronic medical record (EMR) to automatically identify and prioritize at-risk patients.Our team performs a systematic patient outreach campaign as an extension of your health system utilizing multiple methods.

COVID-19 Specific Protocols

In response to the pandemic, Orb Health added COVID-19 specific protocols and processes to its workflows starting in February 2020, and quickly added service capacity to deal with a large number of patient engagements.

Patients do not just receive a check-in phone call, but receive coordinated care and much more including having someone just being there as someone who helps address their fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Increased Health System Revenue

Health systems and centers are already struggling with diminished revenues due to pre-pandemic budget squeezing. Orb Health not only provides a serious and near-immediate pandemic response, but opens the health system and center to additional reimbursements to the same patient base. Chronic Care Management, Complex CCM, Remote Patient Monitoring, and more provide multiple services that are applied at the proper time, and fully reimbursed, so you help your patients reach the best outcome potential during and after the pandemic.

Effective In-Home Care Results

Independent studies have confirmed Orb Health’s ability to produce a 54% reduction in emergency room utilization and 22% reduction in hospitalizations resulting in $6.22 mm annual Medicare savings per 1,000 patients. The same results can be replicated when applied to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Critical Services that Reduce Utilization and Improve Patient Outcomes

Personalized Care

Orb Health nurses know the patients exact pre-existing conditions as our clinicians have access to the patients Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Telephone Check-Ins

Nurses perform check-ins with the most at-risk patient populations to ensure they do not have symptoms and if they do then coordinate testing or care.

COVID-19 Education

Personalized material from Mayo Clinic is presented to patient as well as specific nutrition and exercise guides which are specifically created for the patients needs.

Care Scheduling

If a patient is in need of COVID-19 related care, they can arrange to safely get them to the hospital or provider.

24/7 Communication

Orb Health's clinical care teams are available 24/7 to assist patients with issues or questions with full interaction detail that is always available in the EMR.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Patient health is remotely monitored using hundreds of connected device options or entered manually with any elevated or out-of-range values alerted to clinical staff.

Multiple Code Delivery

CCM eligible patients who are at-risk from COVID-19 but are not infected also receive reimbursed Chronic Care Management services to keep them healthy and in their home.