Welcome to Orb Health

Welcome to Orb Health

Years in the making — we are thrilled to officially unveil Orb to the world today!

I envisioned Orb in 2010 (pre-wearable explosion) while completing my PhD (where I developed next-gen lab tests for diabetes and cardiovascular disease). I thought – “this stuff – lab results — is complicated for my friends and family to understand…and even doctors! And with billions being spent on research towards cures on preventable illnesses, trillions being spent on treating preventable illnesses, and the obvious fact that many people are suffering and are in need for a solution today that empowers them AND the healthcare stakeholders, major opportunities must exist to make a difference.”

I wondered “what would our society look like if it everyone had an intelligence in their pocket that gave them automatic understanding with their health world? (and that included understanding the complicated lab tests I was developing!) – Could this help transform people’s lives at the root of awareness and understanding?” Well here we are – and our vision has expanded to make an even greater difference that drives forward a new vision of cooperative care, engagement, well-being, and empowered healthcare stakeholders.

Orb Health unifies the key components of wellbeing into a single platform and provides a 360-degree, comprehensible understanding of health data combined with actionable intelligence that’s designed to drive better health outcomes while proactively reducing costs. Today, we are pleased to announce that Orb is launching nationwide on Quest Diagnostics for providers to utilize in their practice with their patients (Orb will also be available on EMRs and many more lab networks soon). The Orb solution is also launching to the employer world to support employee health, well-being, and to serve as a differentiated health benefit/service.

For individuals and patients, Orb Health is available on the web, iPhone App and Android. Using Orb you can connect your labs, providers, and hundreds of health apps all to one place to experience health understanding and health engagement.

Our team is committed to aligning our efforts and resources on measurably improving the health of our society, helping businesses, and empowering the doctors who want to take their service and care the next level using mobile health technology.

On behalf of Orb, we are excited to partner with the world on this cause that is very important to our hearts and excites our minds for what’s possible with technology to propel forward humanity.

Paul Oran

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