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Altruis Partners with Orb Health to Bring CCM to 1 Million Patients


I am excited to announce our partnership with revenue cycle provider Altruis (see press release here). We each share a commitment to aligning improved patient care outcomes with provider services and revenue, and our complementary technologies and sector expertise prime us for growth together beyond the millions of patients already served today.In a time of increased attention on patient experience, it’s critical that revenue cycle solutions exhibit the same patient-centered mission as medical care and environmental advances. The integration of wearables, Electronic Medical Records, and other elements of the healthcare ecosystem with revenue cycle solutions represents the next phase of groundbreaking healthcare innovations; and the combined reach and benefits of our partnership with Altruis will form that foundation today.

Through this arrangement, our collaborative care solution can help Altruis’ partners better serve the chronic care population, engage them in their own health, and deliver a higher standard of care. This is critical given the growing pressure to optimize care for this patient segment. They often exhibit complex care needs that require seamless coordination among healthcare providers and the higher degree of billing sophistication that only this partnership can provide.

We’ll also excited to be exhibiting with Altruis in their booth at the Health Choice Network’s 23rd Annual Education Conference in Boca Raton, FL from June 30 – July 2nd. For more information please click here.

If you’re interested to speak with us about the joint offering, please visit the Altruis website or contact sales@altruis.com. You can also read on below for a deeper look at this partnership, or click here for Altruis’ perspective on working with Orb Health.

Who is Altruis?
Altruis offers innovative revenue-cycle management (RCM) technologies and services that deliver on the promise of healthier revenue—enabling clients to remain focused and expand on their mission of patient care. As a leading medical billing service, Altruis manages all aspects of billing, claims, denials, AR management, and payment posting. As a true RCM partner, Altruis develops technologies that enhance reimbursement, help providers meet value-based care requirements, and ease the administrative burden for staff and patients.

Who is Orb Health?
Orb Health makes it simple for doctors and health systems to earn maximum compensation for exemplary treatment of chronically ill patients. Orb is the only intelligent, collaborative care platform for population health management that delivers improved patient outcomes and increased practice revenue. Its fully compliant, future proofed platform optimizes clinical workflow, drives layered patient engagement programs, maximizes chronic care management reimbursements, and integrates seamlessly into existing technology infrastructure and care teams.

What is Chronic Care Management (CCM)?
Chronic care management is the non face-to-face treatment of a patient with
two or more ongoing or chronic conditions. Many providers are not set up to capture this
treatment activity properly using current medical codes – meaning that either patients go
untreated or physicians go unpaid. The Orb Health platform closes that gap and allows
providers to optimize treatment while maximizing reimbursement without adding staff or
managing costly IT rollouts.

What are the terms of the deal?
This is a strategic partnership that will allow Altruis customers to incorporate Orb
Health’s chronic care management solutions at a time when growing market and
regulatory pressures exist to optimize care for chronic disease patients.

How will Altruis customers use Orb Health?
Orb Health is a turnkey solution and service that Altruis customers can use to conduct and track for chronic care management. Its fully compliant, cloud-based platform helps optimize clinic workflow and collaborative care by integrating with EMRs, tracking real time data from wearable fitness and healthcare devices, and offering proprietary patient engagement tools. Orb Health also offers a full service nursing component to manage patient on-boarding and care calls. All care team and patient engagement activities are tracked using up-to-date chronic care management CPT codes to maximize provider reimbursement opportunities.

How do Altruis practices and hospitals sign up for the CCM service?
If you’re interested to speak with us about the joint offering, please visit here or contact sales@altruis.com.

About Orb Health

Care Management as a Service™ rapidly provides EMR-connected remote contact centers as a scalable virtual extension of the practice to deliver cross-practice scheduling and care management programs as a guided service without adding staff, apps, or infrastructure.

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