SOLUTION: Patient Access and Empowerment

Simplifying the patient care journey as a trusted partner

Scalable patient access and high-quality care management empowers a new level of care attention that keeps patients healthier, more satisfied, and in-network.

Simpler, Easier Patient Access and Care Management

Navigating  health care can be complex and time-consuming. With so many options to address a patient's health care needs, it can feel overwhelming. A patient's time is valuable and Orb Health's programs are designed to make managing their care easy, efficient, and effective while minimizing the time it takes to do so across practices.  The end results is a healthier and satisfied patient that is empowered by a new level of care attention that keeps them happy and in-network.

Patients Take Control of Their Care
Patients can call in and quickly speak to a licensed care coordinator that can resolve their issues in a single call.  Chronic Care patients are assigned a clinical nurse team that is dedicated to service the patient’s specific needs. In a single, convenient call, the nurse can address any immediate needs, coordinate appointments and labs, manage prescriptions, find specialists, answers clinical questions, and much more. This program is like a personal “fast pass” that simplifies managing care and puts the patient in control.

Help When It’s Convenient
The team is available 24/7 and ensures the patient’s needs are met while also respecting their time. Our care teams can schedule routine monthly check-ins when it’s convenient for the patients schedule. No calls during their favorite shows or when they’re trying to have dinner with their family.

Personalized Care
All care is centralized around the patient and their specific needs. Orb Health’s agents are informed by an EMR-driven intelligence system that informs them in real-time of their issues and care plan but they are also there to listen to any unique needs. The result is a care experience that meets your patient’s needs as quickly as possible, with far less time spent on the phone, and provides them the respect they deserve as a valued member of our patient community.


Critical Services that Reduce Utilization and Improve Patient Outcomes

Certified Staff

Orb Health's virtual staff is comprised of licensed and clinicians and experienced admins that understand how to treat patients.

On-Demand Scale

Our virtual teams can be dialed up as needed to meet the program requirements and call volume without worrying about staffing or training.

Multiple Program Delivery

Whether your patients need CCM and RPM today or TCM tomorrow, your practice is ready with the ability to quickly expand into new programs.

A Seamless Extension

Our teams work incident-to and in the name of your practice so patients have a seamless experience between virtual and outpatient services.

Continuous Training

Orb ensures that our virtual care providers continuously receive training on new ways to better serve patients.

Personalized Care Plans

Create and curate advanced care plans based upon personal needs then track activities, log actions, and follow patient problems and exacerbations.

Comprehensive Care Coordination

Comprehensive coordination across care spectrum including virtual, telehealth, outpatient, and inpatient services including support such as meal delivery, and more.

Care Gap Closure

Proactive efforts by the virtual care team to identify care gaps and schedule needed appointments to meet patient care goals.

Broad Collaboration

Orb ensures the virtual, telehealth, and brick and mortar care teams work as a cohesive unit to advance the patients wellbeing.

Monthly Check-Ins

Perform monthly check-ins requiring 20 minutes of non-face-to-face time and record patient interaction.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule patient appointments with the entire care circle including providers, specialists, caregivers, and more, as well as send alerts and reminders.

Medication Management

Medication refill management and adherence tracking as well as personal clinical medication reviews, medication efficacy tracking, and more.

Specialist Coordination

Work with the practice to find the appropriate specialists, schedule the appointments, and coordinate their interactions for any patients specific needs.

Deciphered Lab Results

Lab results are synchronized between providers and deciphered into a patient readable format complete with gauges showing positive / negative context and education.

24/7 Communication

Orb Health's clinical care teams are available 24/7 to assist patients with issues or questions with full interaction detail that is always available in the EMR.

Personalized Condition Education

Personalized material from Mayo Clinic is presented to patient as well as specific nutrition and exercise guides which are specifically created for the patients needs.

Efficacy Tracking

Patient needs are tracked to resolution, lab values and vitals are monitored to ensure care plans are effective and health goals are met so clinical staff can quantify success.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Patient health is remotely monitored using hundreds of connected device options or entered manually with any elevated or out-of-range values alerted to clinical staff.

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