Modular Programs and Services Serve Multiple Patient Populations


Choose the Best Fit for Your Practice

Orb Health leverages the Virtual Hub and Universal Patient Engagement Center to execute a wide range of proven programs and services. Any of these services may be used as a stand-alone entity or combined to increase the scalability and efficacy of your practice without adding resources.

Chronic Care

Rapidly implement reimbursable Medicare/Medicaid services that improve outcomes for the Chronically ill while providing a quick path to revenue.

  • Chronic Care Management CPT 99490
  • FQHC/Community Health Centers CPT G0511
  • Complex CCM (cCCM) CPT 99487 and 99489
  • Transition Care Management CPT 99495 and 99496
  • Remote Patient Monitoring CPT 99453, 99454, and 99457
  • Behavioral Health CPT 99484
  • Principle Care Management (PCM) HCPCS G2064/G2065
  • Annual Wellness Visits CPT G0438 and G0439
  • Risk and Screening Assessments CPT 96160 and 96161

Patient Support

Expand or replace administrative services capacity with Orb Health’s scalable engagement specialists while enabling “one-touch resolution”.

  • Normal administrative actions
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Care coordination across doctors and specialists
  • Lab scheduling
  • Patient escalation to telehealth and in-office visits
  • More…

Outbound Campaigns

Out-of-the-box and customized outbound campaigns enable proactive patient engagement to drive emergency or preventative programs.

  • Coronavirus testing, results, and follow-up scheduling
  • Emergency services
  • Mammogram scheduling
  • Customized programs
  • More…

Multidimensional Program Services

Comprehensive services support all programs to ensure effectiveness, billing ready coding, broad compliance, and audit-ready records.

Eligibility Discovery

Data analytics and EMR sync ensures all program eligible patients are identified and presented to the virtual care team for action.


For programs that require enrollment (such as Chronic Care Management), our enrollment teams are experts at reaching out to your patients and gaining consent for programs that make a difference.


Our dedicated compliance team overlooks all clinical, admin, and financial aspects of care to ensure all interactions are coded properly and billing/audit ready.


Orb's billing teams ensures that all transactions are properly coded and meet the requirements for reimbursement or payment before being synced with your EMR for billing.

Perpetual Training

Clinical, admin, billing, and compliance teams undergo continuous and rigorous training to ensure the most up-to-date care and oversight possible.

Scoring Support

Our virtual care teams help with annual scoring of patients and continually ensure complete coding for all conditions.

Coexistant Issue Support

The virtual care team member is alerted to any additional program or service eligibility for the patient and schedules an appointment while they are engaged with the patient.