CUSTOMER: Hospitals & Health Systems

Drive Patient Outcomes
and Value-Based Care Profitability


Seamlessly Offer Effective,
Patient-Centric Chronic Care Management

Orb Health seamlessly extends health systems ability to deliver Chronic Care Management (CCM), Behavioral Health (BH), and more without adding overhead. By expanding patient-centric care management capacity, health systems realize increased value-based care profitability through increasing patient outcomes, satisfaction, and retention, adding multiple reimbursement lines, and driving cost out of health care.

Patient-Centric, Collaborative Care Services

Orb Health offers the unique solution of a HIPAA-compliant, EMR-integrated infrastructure combined with enrollment, care delivery, and compliance services delivered as an outsourced, telehealth solution.

All interactions are stored in your EMR and our licensed and certified nurses communicate with Doctors as needed in order to drive the highest level of collaborative and holistic care.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Experienced nurses combined with predictive algorithms and effective workflows significantly improve patient outcomes. Existing Orb Health customers show a reduction in Emergency Department visits by 54% in the first 6 months, beating the typical 18-month CMS ROI benchmark by 12 months.

Increase Value-Based Profitability

In a recent outcomes study, Orb has shown a savings of $6.2 million annually in ED utilization alone. When these savings are combined with increased revenue from Chronic Care Management reimbursements, that require no additional overhead, the resulting value-based care profitability increase becomes significant.

MACRA/MIPS Readiness

Orb Health not only offers broad population health information but also accelerates your readiness for MACRA / MIPS compliance. Our CCM workflows meet the MACRA requirements for advancing care information, quality measures, and improvement activities and currently track more than the required MIPS path reporting items.