A more interconnected and conscious healthcare world with quantum leaps in healing and wellbeing.


Our Mission

  • Connect and unify health information
  • Empathically empowers patients
  • Enables healthcare efficiency
  • Demonstrates improved patient outcomes

Our Commitment

  • Providing exceptional customer service to our patients and healthcare partners.
  • Serving patients to become successful in managing and transforming their health.
  • Achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction with our healthcare clients and partners.
  • Compliant care that honors regulatory requirements.
  • Bringing excellence and integrity to our business practices.
  • Leadership that is effective, positive and progressive to empower team members to exercise their leadership.
  • Being our best and constantly striving for better solutions – never settling.
  • Taking radical responsibility individually and as a team, leading to peak performance and results.
  • Functioning as a premier company in an environment of respect, trust, open communication, and acknowledgment.

Our Partners

Orb’s partner network and connected channels represent a powerful global ecosystem of companies that drive forward an empowered future of unified, simplified, and cooperative healthcare realized through connected apps, labs, EMRs, medical devices, and healthcare service providers.

Join Our Mission

Orb’s platform also supports care teams to effectively (and compliantly) manage populations of high-risk patients on a better path towards well-being and effective chronic disease management.