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A more interconnected and conscious healthcare world with quantum leaps in healing and wellbeing.

Our Mission

Orb Health’s mission is to empower a new healthcare paradigm where integrated virtual care creates the economies of scale necessary to drive effective and proactive patient engagement that maximizes outcomes and wellbeing over time while lowering the cost curve of healthcare.

Our Commitment

  • We recognize that our patients, customers, staff, partners, employees, and vendors are humans first and are innately deserving of respect and dignity through every interaction.
  • A commitment to transparency and open communication regarding all subjects that reinforces our focus on integrity and fairness in everything we do.
  • We focus on empowering the individual and embrace the diversity of our staff as a unique enabler that drives an authentic connection with the patients and each other.
  • Orb Health seeks a “drama-free” environment that minimizes the pressure on the employee, so they bring their “best selves” to work each day while maintaining personally accountability for the highest standards in all aspects of our work
  • We encourage empathy and sympathy with our patients, so we best serve them by imagining what it is like to “walk in their shoes”.
  • We encourage our team to take care of themselves through a work-life balance that allows them to forget about work, focus on their own pursuits, families, and enjoyment so they return reinvigorated and inspired to continue to serve patients.
  • Improving the overall health well-being of the communities and families by ensuring patients have timely access to care, quality services, and a compassionate understanding of their needs.
  • Meeting and exceeding organizational goals and our clients’ expectations to produce the highest quality outcomes and results possible.
  • Facilitating career growth for our employees and providing the opportunity for continual education and development needed to allow our employees to grow.

Our Partners

Orb’s partner network and connected channels represent a powerful global ecosystem of companies that drive forward an empowered future of unified, simplified, and cooperative healthcare realized through connected apps, labs, EMRs, medical devices, and healthcare service providers.

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Orb Health’s Enterprise Virtual Care™ enables the high-performance delivery of Chronic Care, Patient Support, and Outbound Campaigns as a virtual extension of the health system or center without requiring additional staff, applications, or office space.  Our experienced and friendly staff is what drives our success.  Click below if you’re interested in joining a highly-motivated team that’s changing healthcare as we know it!


Scalable Care Management Without the Headaches

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Orb Health is ready to quickly help a wide range of health providers and their support networks transform patient access with Care Management as a Service

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