CUSTOMER: Payers and Unions

Drives Better Patient Care Management that Gets Results

Ensure your customers and members are getting the best you have to offer

Orb Health provides turnkey scalability that drives successful outcomes through increasing the reactive and proactive touch of their patients. For payers, this not only means a more streamlined approach to billing and compliance for your customers, but more efficient, effective care that reduces the overall cost of per patient.

Unions utilize Orb Health to take the best possible care of their members so they can continue to do the essential work they are tasked with. Not only do the members enjoy a higher level of concierge care, they feel as if their needs are being met with a "fast pass" system that ensures they get any care they need. This also makes unions more attractive to additional members and new organizing opportunities due to the value-added services provided by Care Management as a Service.

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Payer Benefits

Orb Health offers the unique combination of an EMR-integrated infrastructure and care delivery services providing efficient clinical workflows, regimented patient interactions, appointment scheduling, Rx management, specialist coordination, care alerts and notifications, and much more.

Bidirectional syncing ensures the EMR remains the “patient record of truth”, increasing the effectiveness of existing portals, ensuring billing readiness, and code compliance. Reimbursements are increased and run through existing billing solutions provided by the RCM.

Unions Benefits

Orb Health is an enterprise care management services provider of virtual care management programs and member concierge contact center services. Our partnership services are full scale, full turnkey and white label which seamlessly extends the Unions ability to provide beneficial Care Management Services to their members with 24/7 contact center and triage services, (CCM) Chronic Care Management, (BH) Behavioral Health, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).
Orb talks to every member/patient, identifies themselves as calling on behalf of the union to check up on the member/patient to ensure follow through on medical services.
In identifying with the Local:
• The member will understand that the Local really cares about their health
• The member sees an involved, caring Local and will feel that their dues are well-spent
• The employer will be able to retain their employee (by mitigating health issues);
• Orb will be able to provide the Local with statistics and performance of the healthcare provider/TPA;
• This provides the Local with the same oversight and advantage of an Accountable Care Organization