SOLUTION: Clinical and Financial Outcomes

Proven, Multidimensional Value That Maximizes Clinical and Financial Outcomes

Repeatedly proven and independently validated Care Management as a Service drives significant outcomes while lowering costs and increasing revenue.

Key Performance Indicators that Drive Significant Patient and Financial Outcomes

Chronic Care
68% Enrollment

Chronic Care
$61 Medicare / $24 Medicaid Reimbursement

Chronic Care
54% Decrease in Emergency
Department Utilization

Chronic Care
SLA Level
of 80%

Transition Care Management
1.4 Discharges

Transition Care Management
$200 Reimbursement

Transitions of Care
52% Discharge
Conversion Rate

Transition Care Management
$70 Moderate / $100 High
Complexity Fee Rates

Transition Care Management
Estimated 85% Moderate /
15% High Complexity

Patient Support
26% Reduction in
Overall Patient Costs

43% Appointment Increase

50% No-Show
Rebook Rate

70% Care Gap Closure

26% Annual
Patient Savings

11% Annual HCC / RAF
Scoring Improvements

Tracking Metrics

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