SOLUTION: Clinical and Financial Outcomes

Proven, Multidimensional Value That Maximizes Clinical and Financial Outcomes

Repeatedly proven and independently validated Care Management as a Service drives significant outcomes while lowering costs and increasing revenue.

Contact Center Scaling

Orb Health’s Universal Patient Engagement Center transforms the patient experience and delivers significant improvements across all areas of engagement.

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Care Management Patient Satisfaction

Care Management as a Service simplifies the care journey for any patient we service resulting in a 4.8 out of 5 star patient satisfaction rating while Orb Health’s virtual care staff is always in the 90the percentile of satisfaction.

Care Gap Closure

Orb Health closes more than 70% of open care gaps resulting in increased preventative appointments while lowering costs.

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Improved Scoring

Care Management as a Service enables scalable and intelligent patient servicing that increases outcomes and satisfaction that manifest themselves in improvements across multiple scoring types including HEDIC, HCC, RDIS, and more.

Chronic Care Excellence

In the first 9 months of the CMaaS delivered CCM program, a 54% decrease in ED visits for patients with 6 or more conditions and an estimated $6.2mm in projected net savings for every 1,000 patients was observed. The provider subsequently expanded their programs to include general contact center services which increased scheduling by 43% and lowered patient costs by 26% resulting in a significant improvement in quality and profitability.

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MSO Services – Transitions of Care

A provider implemented Orb Health’s CMaaS MSO Transition of Care servicing that resulted in a significant increase in scheduling and reduction in hospital readmissions.

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Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Success

ACO Significantly Increased Annual Revenue, Lowered Costs, and Increase Value-Based Profitability

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Accelerate Value-Based Care Transition

Orb Health enables all providers to move from fee-for-service to capitated or at-risk contracts while driving patient outcome and satisfaction indicators that result in a profitable value-based care program.

Key Performance Indicators that Drive Significant Patient and Financial Outcomes

Chronic Care
68% Enrollment

Chronic Care
$61 Medicare / $24 Medicaid Reimbursement

Chronic Care
54% Decrease in Emergency
Department Utilization

Chronic Care
SLA Level
of 80%

Transition Care Management
1.4 Discharges

Transition Care Management
$200 Reimbursement

Transitions of Care
52% Discharge
Conversion Rate

Transition Care Management
$70 Moderate / $100 High
Complexity Fee Rates

Transition Care Management
Estimated 85% Moderate /
15% High Complexity

Patient Support
26% Reduction in
Overall Patient Costs

43% Appointment Increase

50% No-Show
Rebook Rate

70% Care Gap Closure

26% Annual
Patient Savings

11% Annual HCC / RAF
Scoring Improvements

Tracking Metrics

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