Drive Value-Based Chronic Care Management and Behavioral Health without Additional Investment

As a medical provider, you entered healthcare to make a difference for patients, but the business of healthcare can get in the way. Dwindling reimbursements, stagnant budgets, and staffing challenges force you to focus on episodic care instead of holistic care that improves patient outcomes and enables value-based care.

Orb Health’s end-to-end telehealth services enables overburdened providers to deliver Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health, and other care codes as an outsourced and collaborative service without requiring additional staff or investment. Our experienced practitioners are certified and licensed in every state and utilize our proprietary infrastructure to automatically identify eligible patients from your existing EMR system. We remotely enroll them, provide monthly non-face-to-face interactions, and coordinate their spectrum of care between office visits. All patient interaction data is synced back to your existing EMR system, enabling your standard billing and compliance systems.

Health systems maximize their profitability through newly generated reimbursements from these services are split between your business and Orb health, while patient outcomes improve through ever-evolving holistic care that reduces overall value-based care costs.

Critical Solutions that Transform Patient Lives

Collaborative Telehealth

Our highly-trained medical practitioners remotely enroll and service patients between visits as an extension of your office while building meaningful patient relationships and satisfaction.

Integrated Care Infrastructure

Orb Health’s care delivery services use our proprietary collaborative care infrastructure to inform, prioritize, and predict holistic patient gap care using a wide array of data sources and workflows.

Evolve Existing Systems

Patient interaction data is securely synchronized with your EMR, ensuring your portal, compliance and billing systems are always complete, current, and compliant without requiring system changes.

Future-Proof Reimbursements

New found reimbursement revenue is split between Orb Health and your business and our focus on the ever-changing CPT code landscape ensures support for new codes and revenue opportunities.

Holistic Gap Care

Our comprehensive, predictive, and proactive patient gap care coordination (visits, specialists, Rx, interactions, labs, device data, more) creates a holistic, value-based approach to gap care.

Value-Based Savings

Maximize your value-based care profitability by providing new and expanding reimbursements while dramatically reducing ER and hospital admissions that drive up overall care costs.

Example Annual Health System Profit


1,000 Medicare Eligible Patients


12,000 Medicare Eligible Patients


20,000 Medicare Eligible Patients

Broad Code Support

Future-proof solution with support for

additional CPT codes added regularly

Measurable Patient Impact

Patient Satisfaction Rating



% Monthly Patient Retention Rate


% Decline in Emergency Room Visits

Clinical Service Rating


*Preliminary Patient Outcomes Analysis, November 2017, Orb Health

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