Driving Physician Revenues and Patient Outcomes without Additional Investment

As a medical provider, you entered healthcare to make a difference for patients, but the business of healthcare can get in the way. Dwindling reimbursements, stagnant budgets, staffing challenges, and more force you to focus on episodic care instead of holistic care that improves patient outcomes and forms the basis for value-based care requirements.

Using our turnkey, telehealth solution, Orb Health enables overburdened providers to deliver Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health, and more as an outsourced service without requiring additional staff or investment. Utilizing proprietary technology that supports our focused care delivery services, eligible patients are automatically identified from the existing EMR system, then Orb Health’s experienced practitioners remotely perform enrollment and deliver holisitic, non-face-to-face patient care in between office visits across multiple CPT codes.

Newly generated reimbursements from these services are split with your business, patient outcomes improve through broader holistic care, and your practice accelerates towards supporting value-based care such as MACRA/MIPS.

White-Labeled Care

Our highly-trained medical practitioners act as a remote extension of your office and are organized into small care pods so they can establish meaningful relationships with patients.

Proprietary Technology

Our care delivery services use our proprietary and predictive collaborative care platform to inform, prioritize, and predict holistic patient care using a wide array of data sources.

EMR Synchronization

Our platform securely integrates with your EMR system and synchronizes a wide range of patient enrollment ad interaction data so the EMR remains the “patient record of truth”.

Future-Proof Reimbursements

Orb Health generates new revenue that is split with the health system and our focus on the ever-changing CPT code landscape ensures new codes are quickly supported.

Holistic, Value-Based Care

Orb Health’s intelligent platform enables our practitioners to maximize eligible patient identification and enrollment, then focus on holistic patient care using predictive technology that drives unprecedented patient outcomes and accelerate MACRA/MIPS compliance.

Example Annual Health System Revenue


1,000 Medicare Eligible Patients


12,000 Medicare Eligible Patients


25,000 Medicare Eligible Patients

Number of Medicare Patients x 50% enroll x $14 net profit per patient per month x 12 months

Critical Solutions that Transform Patient Lives

Unify Care

Bidirectional EMR sync ensures patient, provider, and caregiver information is current and available through existing portal or apps.

Extend Practice

Turnkey solution quickly extends your practice capacity through a seamless care partnership the requires no additional staff or overhead.

Expand Services

Quickly add effective, critical patient services across a broad range of supported CPT codes, transforming your care management.

Increase Revenue / Reduce Cost

Grow revenue and reduce costs by quickly servicing new codes while streamlining reimbursement through processes that ensure billing compliance.

Measure Success

Quantify the performance of your patients and practice through a wide array of enrollment, care process, outcome, and financial analytics.

Transform Lives

Collaborative care approach transforms patients lives through verifiable results that increase well being and quality of life.

Broad Code Support

Future-proof platform with new codes added regularly…

Measurable Patient Impact

Patient Satisfaction Rating



% Monthly Patient Retention Rate


% Decline in Emergency Room Visits

Clinical Service Rating


*Preliminary Patient Outcomes Analysis, November 2017, Orb Health

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