Introducing Orb Health

Chronic Care Management and COVID-19 RESPONSE as a Virtual Extension of Your Practice

54% ED Utilization Reduction

22% Hospitalization Decrease

$6.22 MM Savings
Per 1K Patients

68% Enrollment

2.8+ Additional Annual Visits per Patient


Collaborative Virtual Care™ Fuels
Highly Scalable Chronic Care Management and COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Orb Health’s Collaborative Virtual Care™ enables the high-performance delivery of reimbursed Medicare services like Chronic Care Management (CCM) as a virtual extension of your practice without requiring additional staff, new applications, or more office space. This highly flexible program has also been extended to provide in-home care for COVID-19 patient management. We connect your existing EMR with Orb Health’s Virtual Care Hub then imprint your Best Practices on our workflow empowering our certified remote providers to deliver your brand of high-quality care, incident-to your practice, while enabling comprehensive provider collaboration.

Orb Health effectively scales your practice capacity as a seamless experience while maintaining the consistency, integrity, and credibility you spent years building with your patient base. FQHCs and Community Health Centers, health systems, and ACOs not only realize significantly improved patient access, outcomes, and satisfaction but also increased care engagement, reimbursements, and value-based profitability.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Orb Health extended its capabilities and services with Coronavirus-specific workflows, processes, and monitoring starting in February, 2020. Our service reaches and manages potentially infected COVID-19 patients among the most at-risk patient base in the chronically ill. It also enables health systems and centers to quickly increase their revenue through Medicare reimbursement as they work through the pandemic.

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Comprehensive Solution to Deliver Reimbursed Medicare Services

Virtually Extend Care Capacity

Our Virtual Care Hub™ quickly connects & syncs your existing IT systems (EMR, etc.) with Orb’s remote enrollment, care delivery, and compliance teams. We integrate your Best Practices into Orb Health’s proven workflows and procedures resulting in scalable care capacity that maintains your high standards.

Expand Medicare Patient Access

Practices are now able to expand access to scalable Chronic Care Management, RPM, TCM, and more with no out-of-pocket costs. Eligible patients are auto-identified then remotely enrolled and serviced by Orb’s certified nurses who act incident to your practice while ensuring care consistency with your local providers.

Comprehensive Collaborative Care

Comprehensive care coordination, including PCP and specialist scheduling, Rx mgmt, remote monitoring & alerting, condition education, and more, enables holistic, collaborative patient care delivered as a cohesive unit across providers using the portals and software they already know.

Drive Outcomes & Profitability

Orb Health’s studied customers have experienced a 54% reduction in ED utilization that reduced costs by $6.22 mm per 1,000 patients. When combined with newfound reimbursements alongside improved HCC scoring and MACRA/MIPS compliance, practices can maximize value-base profitability.

Collaborative Virtual Care Drives
Real-World, Value-Based Results


ED Visit Reduction

$6.22 mm

Value-Based Savings

9 Months

Break Even / ROI

$3.02 mm

Revenue 20k Patients


Additional Annual Visits per Patient

4.8 / 5 Stars

Patient Satisfaction

Together, We Can Change
Your Patient's Future

Chronic disease has become a significant problem. Not just for the patient who is burdened with the symptoms, but also for the provider and health system that are committed to improving outcomes for these patients.  Here are just some of the alarming facts about chronic disease in America:

  • 117 million U.S. adults have a chronic condition
  • 1 in 4 have 2 or more chronic conditions
  • As many as 3 out of 4 persons age 65 and older have multiple chronic conditions
  • 7 out of the top 10 causes of death each year are from chronic diseases
  • ~71% of healthcare spending is for care of individuals with multiple chronic conditions
  • 93% of total Medicare spending is on beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions
  • 86% of US annual healthcare spend is for people with chronic and mental health conditions

Partner with Orb Health to expand your care capacity through virtual practice extension and meet the needs of your most at-risk patients while improving their lives and helping your bottom line.