Drive Optimal Patient Outcomes with Increased Profitability in a Fraction of the Time

Orb Health’s turn-key telehealth solution enables health systems to provide a seamless, collaborative, and holistic approach to delivering patient-centric care for code-related services such as Chronic Care Management and more. Our outsourced care teams and integrated infrastructure act as an extension of your health system without requiring additional staff. Health systems realize optimal patient outcomes and increased profitability in just one-third of the time when compared to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) benchmarks.

Critical Solutions that Transform Patient Lives

Collaborative Telehealth

Orb Health’s highly-trained medical practitioners remotely enroll programmatically identified patients and service them between visits as a seamless extension of your health system. All data is synchronized with your EMR so members of the care team are always up-to-date on the patient’s status and collaborate on the appropriate plan of care.

Patient-Centric Care

Comprehensive, predictive, and proactive care coordination, including visit scheduling, finding specialists, Rx management, interactions, lab results, device data collection, condition education, and more, places the patient at the center of the care circle. The result is holistic care that unifies office visits with gap care without additional staff.

Proven Outcomes

Existing Orb Health customers show a reduction in Emergency Department visits by 54% in the first 6 months, beating the typical 18-month CMS ROI benchmark by 12 months resulting in a projected savings of $6.2 million dollars.

Value-Based Profitability

Cost reductions, increased revenue, and a 98% patient retention rate that minimizes patient “leakage” from the health system drives increased profitability in value-based care and puts you ahead of the game for MACRA and MIPS compliance.

Example Annual Health System ROI


ED Visit Reduction

$6.2 mm

Value-Based Savings

6 Months

Break Even / ROI


Revenue 20k Patients

Broad Code Support

Future-proof solution with support for

additional CPT codes added regularly

Measurable Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction Rating



% Monthly Patient Retention Rate

Clinical Service Rating


*Preliminary Patient Outcomes Analysis, November 2017, Orb Health

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