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Upstate Family Health Center Selects Orb Health to Increase Access and Drive Outcomes for Chronically Ill Patients


RICHARDSON, TX – January 26th, 2021 (Businesswire release here)– Orb Health today announced that Upstate Family Health Center (UFHC) has chosen Orb Health’s patient-centric Enterprise Virtual Care solution and services to deliver Chronic Care Management and more to their diverse, chronically ill patient population. By adding these services, UFHC will seamlessly extend its care capacity, strengthen patient relationships between visits, and efficiently coordinate their broad spectrum of care. The move is aimed at improving patient outcomes, reducing emergency department utilization and hospitalizations, while reducing the cost of value-based care.

“UFHC is continuously striving to bring innovative solutions for every patient, but the chronically ill are one of the most at-risk patient groups, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, and need extra attention.” said John D. Milligan, Upstate Family Health Center CEO. “We’ve seen the impressive outcomes Orb Health has achieved using its technology and services and look forward to driving these significant results for our patient population at UFHC.”

Orb Health’s Enterprise Virtual Care™ enables the high-performance delivery of reimbursed Medicare services such as Chronic Care Management. Patient Access Services, and Outbound Clinical Campaigns (such as COVID-19 vaccine delivery coordination) and more as a virtual extension of the practice using integrated best practices, without adding apps, employees, or budget. An independent Patient Outcomes study on the real-world results of Orb Health’s solution showed a 54% decrease in Emergency Department (ED) visits for Chronic Care patients with 6 or more chronic conditions within 9 months of implementation resulting in $6.22 million of projected annual Medicare savings per 1,000 patients.

“Orb Health is committed to providing patient-centric care for those patients who are most at risk and doing so in a manner that builds revenue for the health center while reducing costs.” said Bryan Krastins, Orb Health’s CEO. “We are excited to work with the forward-thinking providers and management of UFHC to drive the best patient results possible for people who are really hurting and need that extra level of care.”

About Orb Health
Orb Health is based in Richardson, Texas, and partners with leading Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), healthcare systems, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), Community Health Centers (CHCs), and Revenue Cycle Management firms to improve patient outcomes and accelerate value-based profitability. Our industry-leading Enterprise Virtual Care™ solution enables providers to seamlessly increase care capacity for chronic care, patient support, and outbound campaigns that deliver reimbursable, collaborative, patient-centric care coordination as an extension of the practice without requiring additional staff, applications, or office space. All stakeholders in the patient’s outcome work as a cohesive unit through a holistic approach that drives significantly improved patient outcomes and satisfaction while increasing reimbursements and lowering the cost curve of chronic care and beyond. For more information, please visit orbhealth.com.

Media Contact:
Chad Jones, Orb Health
Chief Strategy Officer

About Upstate Family Health Center
Upstate Family Health Center (UFHC) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and Federally Qualified Health Center, focused on ensuring that the residents of Central New York communities receive high quality, primary and health services. UFHC utilizes the whole person approach to care and attends to many of the social detriments. UFHC serves a largely medically underserved area whose population consisting of very high rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, asthma, poor prenatal outcomes, and behavioral health issues. UFHC operates a community health centers in both Utica and Rome, NY.

About Orb Health

Care Management as a Service™ rapidly provides EMR-connected remote contact centers as a scalable virtual extension of the practice to deliver cross-practice scheduling and care management programs as a guided service without adding staff, apps, or infrastructure.

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