Seamlessly Extend and Expand Heath System Services

Orb Health seamlessly extends Health Systems to deliver Chronic Care Management (CCM), Behavioral Health (BH), and more without adding overhead. Expand care management capacity, add multiple revenue lines, increase care quality and patient satisfaction, while reducing readmissions and keeping patients in-network

Care Platform and Delivery Services

Orb Health offers the unique combination of a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform and care delivery services. Our platform integrates with third-party EMRs (Epic, etc.), providing efficient clinical workflows, regimented patient interactions, appointment scheduling, Rx management, specialist coordination, care alerts & notifications, and much more. Bidirectional synching ensures your EMR remains the “patient record of truth” increasing the effectiveness of existing portals and IT systems.

Highly-trained medical practitioners act as an extension of your health system, offloading enrollment and monthly care delivery, but use your workflow and patient interaction preferences, while providing a differentiated experience by placing a special emphasis on establishing meaningful patient connections

Stack and Expand Revenue Lines

Orb Health provides a module based platform approach to seamlessly extending your capabilities, enabling you to easily expand into efficient Chronic Care Management, Bevaorial Health, Transition Care Management, Patient Generated Health Data, Annual Wellness Visits, Risk Assessment Visits, and more. Our focus on the ever-changing CPT code and policy landscape ensures 360-degree compliance while we add more CPT codes over time.

More CPT code support means your healthcare system can stack additional services for cross-service eligible patients. Not only does this enable a greater number of patient services that increases and expands revenue lines, but also empowers better patient outcomes.

Outcomes that Drive Savings and Satisfaction

Orb Health’s proactive patient management and predictive analytics combined with 360-degree compliance and success measurement drives cost avoidance and improves patient satisfaction.

Whether it’s reducing hospital readmissions ensuring proper procedures are followed and documented, measuring compliance, or quantifying patient progress, Orb Health provides all the tools needed to minimize risks and improve outcomes while increasing the likelihood you patients will remain in-network for additional care.

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