Transforming Care Management

Orb Health is the only intelligent, collaborative care platform for population health management that delivers improved patient outcomes and increased practice revenue. Its fully compliant, future proofed platform optimizes clinical workflow, drives layered patient engagement programs, maximizes chronic care management reimbursements with turn-key service and technology, and integrates seamlessly into existing technology infrastructure.

Step 1 - Automated Patient Qualification

Via Orb Health’s HIPAA compliant, secure, and encrypted platform, practice PHI is synchronized. Orb’s system of intelligence automatically qualifies eligible patients for chronic care management and related programs. Notably, Orb Health will also sync data back to the practice EMR while honoring existing practice data policy and guidelines.

Step 2- Patient Enrollment

Patient enrollment begins at the office and/or with the help of care delivery teams. Orb care delivery teams are designed to serve as an extension of your practice while embracing your clinical guidelines and care philosophy.

Step 3 - Care Delivery

Care Team Apps

Using Orb Health’s CCM compliant and secure cloud-based technology, care teams:

  • Perform monthly management of enrolled patients with access to labs, vitals, allergies, medications, care plans and more
  • Secure communication with patients, doctors, and care teams
  • -Perform care plan creation, time tracking, and meet other key CPT / reimbursement requirements

Patient Engagement Apps

After enrollment, patients, family members, and care givers are provided access to Orb Health’s web and mobile applications providing:

  • Unified access to patient data including labs, care plans, connected medical device data like blood pressure monitors and scales, and much more.
  • Increased health literacy allowing the viewing and interaction body systems, health status, and access to the Mayo Clinic content.
  • Health gamification, patient engagement care plans, and compliance statistics sent back to the care team

Provider Portal and App

Web and mobile apps providing program oversight and seamless reimbursement sign off:

  • Oversight dashboards for your program and access to care management features
  • Communication between staff, patients, and care teams
  • Seamless CPT sign off for billing sent back to EMR

Step 4 - Measure Patient Outcomes

The Orb Health platform combined with your EMR will provide large amounts of valuable data and meta-data on your patients metrics. This fuel will allow the analytics to raise important observations to the care delivery team so they can measure what is working or not working and adjust care accordingly. This cycle creates a feedback loop that is constantly analyzing and improving patient care.

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