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Mobile Health Apps Improve Quality of Life for 96% of Users


The mobile health industry has completely changed the way doctors and patients interpret healthcare and approach medicine. Orb Health is a prime example of how managing a healthy lifestyle and chronic conditions can be more accessible, efficient and powerful for both parties.

To demonstrate this, Research Now recently polled 1,000 mHealth app users and 500 medical professionals. The findings support the beneficial affects of Orb’s platform.

  • 86% of healthcare professionals believe they have a better understanding of a patient’s medical condition with the help of mHealth apps.
  • 46% felt that the apps created a better relationship with their patients.
  • 76% reported that they believed apps helped patients manage chronic conditions.
  • 55% believe mHealth apps help people who are currently in good health.
  • 46% thought that apps make the transition from hospitals to in home-based care easier.

On the consumer end, 96% reported that mobile health apps “improve their quality of life.”

The impact of technology and the increasing access to smartphones around the world are making the benefits of such applications more of a reality for many more people.

“New developments in machine intelligence will make us far far smarter as a result, for everyone on the planet,” Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, said in a public statement “It’s because our smartphones are basically supercomputers. Around 400 million people in the last year got a smartphone. If you think that’s a big deal, imagine the impact on that person in the developing world.”

“I’m most grounded on the role of technology,” Satya Nadella, CEO of the Microsoft Corporation, also stated. “Ultimately to me it’s about the human capital and the human potential and technology empowers humans to do great things. You have to be optimistic about what technology can do in the hands of humans.”

The opportunity to be proactive about our healthcare is happening now, and Orb’s mission is to make that process as user-friendly, empowering and impactful for both patients and doctors. Orb is the leader in unifying patient health data from labs, EMRs, hundreds of health apps and medical devices (including activity, fitness, sleep, weight, diabetes, and biometric apps) into a single platform, streamlining connectivity, designed to drive patient retention and engagement and better health outcomes.

Click here or see the infographic below illustrating Research Now’s findings.

Research Now Mobile Health Apps Infographic – An infographic by the team at Research Now

About Orb Health

Care Management as a Service™ rapidly provides EMR-connected remote contact centers as a scalable virtual extension of the practice to deliver cross-practice scheduling and care management programs as a guided service without adding staff, apps, or infrastructure.

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