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Orb Health and Anelto Partner to Transform Remote Patient Monitoring into Preventative Connected Care Solution


Richardson, Texas. Businesswire (Release Here)December 8th, 2020Orb Health, the leader in Enterprise Virtual Care for Chronic Care and beyond, announced today that it has partnered with Anelto, the leader in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions. The result is an enterprise remote patient monitoring (RPM), alert, and dynamic response solution that fulfills the Connected Patient vision and empowers a new level of patient data that allows the clinical team to respond quickly and keep patients more involved with their healthcare.Anelto develops innovative healthcare monitoring solutions to keep seniors connected to healthcare providers from anywhere. Its RPM solution consistently monitors a patient’s vital statistics such as blood pressure, oxygen level, blood glucose, weight, temperature, and other metrics and delivers them to healthcare providers in real-time through its innovative RPM Cloud Platform. By strengthening the patient-doctor relationship through technology, patients can avoid trips to the doctor’s office, clinic, or emergency room.

“Anelto’s RPM solution is delivering the next generation of connected healthcare, allowing patients to be involved in their own care while giving healthcare providers the data they need in real-time and over time to make informed decisions about their patients,” said Mark Denissen, President and Chief Executive Officer, Anelto. “Monitoring a patient is only one part of the overall requirements that drive real patient outcomes. By combining Anelto’s RPM solution with Orb Health’s Enterprise Virtual Care, we have a powerful solution that effectively improves patient outcomes in a scalable and cost-effective way.”

Orb Health’s patient-centric Enterprise Virtual Care™ solution and services deliver best-in-class patient response and care coordination as a seamless virtual extension of the practice and creates economies of scale in care capacity without adding staff, apps, infrastructure, or budget. When combined with Anelto, patients are connected to a 24/7 solution that is proactively looking out for their wellbeing, responding to their needs in real-time, and keeping primary care and specialists informed. The generated data can be used to further understand illness and care patterns resulting in improved Standards of Care and unprecedented research opportunities. Independent studies have shown significant results, including reducing emergency visits by 54% in the first nine months of operation.”Orb Health has enabled health systems to be successful in Chronic Care and beyond by proactively servicing patients as an extension of their health system without needing additional resources or personnel,” said Bryan Krastins, CEO at Orb Health. “By adding the dimension of Anelto’s RPM solution with our proactive response capabilities, we can help at-risk patient populations remain in their homes and out of the hospital while significantly improving their outcomes. Since CMS offers reimbursement for Remote Patient Monitoring, health systems and centers have a way to increase reimbursements while meeting their patient needs and lowering costs. Our solution allows them to implement and scale quickly, and the end results are nothing short of transformational.”

About Anelto

Founded by Mark Weinzierl in 2012, Anelto has raised the bar in senior care with the goal of enabling a healthier, more independent aging population. Anelto’s leading technology platform offers a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), keeping seniors connected to healthcare providers and emergency medical care, regardless of location. The company’s solutions are scalable for healthcare organizations of all sizes and were created by a team seeking better solutions for the ever-growing elderly population. For more information, please visit www.anelto.com.

About Orb Health

Orb Health is based in Richardson, Texas, and partners with leading Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), healthcare systems, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), Community Health Centers (RHCs), and Revenue Cycle Management firms to improve patient outcomes and accelerate value-based profitability. Our industry-leading Enterprise Virtual Care™ solution enables providers to seamlessly increase care capacity for chronic care, patient support, and outbound campaigns that deliver reimbursable, collaborative, patient-centric care coordination as an extension of the practice without requiring additional staff, applications, or office space. All stakeholders in the patient’s outcome work as a cohesive unit through a holistic approach that drives significantly improved patient outcomes and satisfaction while increasing reimbursements and lowering the cost curve of chronic care and beyond.

About Orb Health

Care Management as a Service™ rapidly provides EMR-connected remote contact centers as a scalable virtual extension of the practice to deliver cross-practice scheduling and care management programs as a guided service without adding staff, apps, or infrastructure.

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