Orb Health and Synergia OC Team Up for Better Patient Outcomes

Orb Health and Synergia OC Team Up for Better Patient Outcomes

Orb Health announced that they will be teaming up with Synergia OC to create a complete turnkey solution using certified technology delivering chronic care management programs. The goal is to empower patients to participate in and take control of their own wellbeing. Physicians, physician groups, hospitals, healthcare systems and insurers can benefit from this turnkey program by seeing greatly improved health outcomes in their patients with chronic disease.

“Combined with Synergia OC’s expertise in chronic disease management, we are delivering an unrivalled complete solution, enabling physicians to actually deliver better care, while empowering the patient to become an active participant in their own health – all of which lead to far better outcomes.”
Paul Oran, PhD, CEO, Orb Health

“In combination with our unique chronic care programs, Orb brings a complete sophistication in software that is user friendly, yet allows a flow of information that fulfills all of the required documents and data required by the government.”
Rick Thomas, CEO, Synergia OC

The Orb Health team defines the intersection of expertise in mobility, personalized medicine, consumer engagement, security, healthcare IT and strategy. Orb has evolved into a leading mobile health engagement solution that provides understanding, engagement and transformation resulting in better outcomes and cost savings.

Synergia OC helps increase patient compliance in chronic disease with the most comprehensive portfolio of tools to assist insurers, hospitals and physicians to keep patients on track with their prescribed clinical pathway. http://www.synergiaoc.com.