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Orb Health CEO Bryan Krastins to Speak on the Future of Healthcare at Questrom’s Eighth Annual Health & Life Sciences Conference


(Source: Boston University)

2020 is a consequential year for the health and life sciences industry. While responsive healthcare companies and systems have responded admirably to the challenge, access and coverage disparity is more apparent now than ever before. As we reimagine healthcare, how will organizations proceed amid the uncertainty? Staying ahead of the healthcare curve means innovation, adaptability, and execution in a time of shifting realities. At the 8th Annual Questrom Health & Life Sciences Conference, panelists and speakers representing a diverse group of stakeholders in the US healthcare system will engage in discussions around topics at the center of this proactive approach to healthcare.  

Orb Health’s CEO and Founder, Bryan Krastins, will be a panelist on the session entitled:

Patient Access: Bringing Care home

The growing cost of prescription medications continues to be a source of concern for lawmakers, providers and patients. Trends including an influx of specialty biologics as well as stricter regulatory oversight can mean an increase in cost.  Value based care is gaining traction in an effort to incentivize quality of care over volume. As more health care providers lean towards providing value based care, how can pharmaceutical companies utilize this growing trend to offset growing costs?

Bryan Krastins is a visionary operational executive with 20+ years’ experience in the healthcare, diagnostics, and technology sectors with a history of unifying diverse groups to achieve strategic corporate initiatives. Mr. Krastins’ previous work with Thermo Fisher Scientific resulted in the creation of one of the world’s first Biomarker Translation Centers which became a Center of Excellence in the US, Germany, France, and China and included helping lead corporate acquisition initiatives. As CEO and Founder of Orb Health, he leads the company in delivering customer and shareholder value through Orb’s innovative Enterprise Virtual Care™ that transforms FQHCs/CHCs, Health Systems, and ACOs care capacity into a scalable virtual service for chronic care and beyonbd. He holds a BA from Franklin & Marshall College, and an MBA from the Questrom School of Business at Boston University. Mr. Krastins currently resides outside of Dallas, TX.

Please sign up for the one day session held on October 30th by clicking on the registration link here.

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