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Orb Health raises funds for portal launch to build fuller picture of consumers’ health from lab results, EHRs, wearable data


Orb Health, a Phoenix-based grad of the Dallas-based healthcare accelerator Health Wildcatters, has raised seed funding as it prepares to launch a portal to connect physicians with labs and patients. The goal is to provide tools that spark communication between physicians and patients about their health. It is also intended to make it easier for lab testing companies to work with physicians.On the patient side, The company wants to make sense of the data contained in lab results, as well as information from their wearables and EHRs, and convert them into colorful charts that give patients a more meaningful illustration of their health. The idea is that if patients and physicians get a fuller understanding of what they’re doing right and what needs work, it will make interactions with physicians more meaningful.

“It’s a huge differentiator for providers who want to have more engagement with patients on mobile health,” said Paul Oran, co-founder and CEO of Orb Health, in a phone interview. “The provider doesn’t just want [patients] to have access to data; they want you to improve your health.”

Oran is a scientist by training and started the company in 2011. (Disclaimer: Oran is the brother of MedCity News reporter Nicole Oran).

The $650,000 seed round will also support sales to its two sets of customers — employer plans and physician practices.

The funding comes from a handful of investors, including Health Wildcatters, Green Park and Golf Ventures, Marco Mena, Michael Cope and others, according to a company statement.

Oran noted that for doctors, it helps them satisfy Meaningful Use requirements and streamline their workflow with labs.

So far, it has strategically established data connections to 120 lab networks, 30 EMR platforms and more than 150 wearable devices and apps. Providers will be able to connect with Quest Diagnostics from the portal, among other lab partners. It is also using Validic to de-silo wearables data to add more context to patients’ health.

Physicians won’t have access to wearables data without their patient’s consent.

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