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Orb mHealth Platform and Dedication to HIPAA Privacy


Concerns about privacy and the security of their health information are more prevalent than ever. This is why Orb’s web and mobile health platform HIPAA compliance is so essential.With the recent hacks at health insurer Anthem Inc. and Premera Blue Cross, the need for tight security has become loud and clear. It’s also why the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights is about to have another crack down with HIPAA audits. In 2014, Columbia University and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital failed to secure health records of more than 6,000 patients, which ended up costing them a combined $4.8 million.April 14 marked the 12th anniversary of the compliance date for the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Even 12 years later, it’s still a very hot topic as digital health continues to grow. HIPPA compliance and cybersecurity were prominent focuses at this year’s HIMSS conference in Chicago because of how important it is as we move forward with the increasing use of wearables and dominant presence of EHRs.

Empowering providers and employers with mHealth technology shouldn’t include fear that information could later be compromised.

Orb Health has made sure that we compliant and are doing our very best to ensure solid security by working with experts in HIPAA law and security and from Orb’s Chief Technology Officer’s 15 years of expertise cybersecurity. Providers, employers, and individuals taking advantage of our unique platform can feel safe and at ease as they connect, understand, and transform their health world.

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