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Drive Meaningful and Profitable Change in
Chronic Care Management


Outsourced Telehealth Solution
Drives Meaningful Outcomes

Orb Health’s unique outsourced telehealth solution cooperatively works with health systems. Using the existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system as the information foundation, we seamlessly extend its functionality through bi-directional synchronization with the Orb Health infrastructure.

This extension enables Orb Health to programmatically identify eligible patients, which our enrollment staff contacts and registers with a 65% average success rate. Our infrastructure then informs, prioritizes, and predicts holistic patient care for Orb Health’s care staff using a broad set of patient data sources.

Our compliance team ensures that all data matches regulations and program requirements. The information and interactions are synced with the EMR system so existing portals, apps, billing, and compliance systems all work as expected.

The result is a superior level of patient care and satisfaction that reduces value-based care costs, streamlines billing, increases reimbursements, and drives better patient outcomes (ex: 54% reduction in ED visits).

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Orb Health Drives Broad Health System Value

Reduce ER/Hospital Visits

Proven to reduce ED utilization and hospital visits through proactive technology that drives holistic care and prioritizes at-risk patient interactions.

Seamlessly Extend Practice

Orb Health’s care delivery teams seamlessly extend the reach of your practice to service more patients between visits without adding overhead.

Expand Critical Services

Quickly offer Chronic Care Management (CCM), Transition Care Management (TCM), Annual Wellness Visits, and more.

Interactive Patient Care

Increase effective offsite patient care in between visits with remote monitoring and 24/7 patient access to critical care services and personnel.

Patient Engagement & Satisfaction

Powerful technology and services encourage patients to take an active role in their healthcare and increase their overall satisfaction.

Keep Patients In-Network

By offering CCM, TCM, etc, patients are more likely to seek gap care in-network which increases care continuity while reducing revenue leakage.

Increase Revenue

Generate revenue from new and existing patients with added services that create predictable visit pipelines (ex: Annual Wellness Visit, etc.).

Accelerate Billing

Highly regimented patient interactions ensure that billing code requirements are strictly met, accelerating billing cycles and payments.

Comprehensive Compliance

Dedicated compliance department regularly reviews enrollment and patient interactions ensuring compliance and audit-readiness.

Outcomes-Based Results

Quantifiable and measurable patient outcomes drive success criteria for patient well-being and enable value-based care profitability.

Optimize Office Visits

External care delivery teams handle a broad set of issues, reducing unnecessary office visits that cause scheduling backlogs.

Value-Based Profitability

By increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and improving patient outcomes, Orb Health helps you maximize value-based profitability.