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The Future of Care: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Accurately Predicts Heart Attacks


A recent article tracking an AI experiment in the UK noted that a computer generated algorithm was better able to predict heart attacks than current industry guidelines, while generating less false alarms and even identifying additional risk factors. All told, the AI could have saved an additional 355 lives.

This innovative use of technology and machine learning is the future of medicine. We are still in the early stages as evidenced by the fact that this was only a data based experiment versus a field test, but the results and direction is promising. One glaring issue that will have to be overcome though is the gap between technology and care teams. Even today, we have incredible technology in use by patients or in medical settings that is not being used to maximum effect by care teams.

Take for example, wearable fitness devices. The amount of information being generated at-will by patients every day that could be used to guide care decisions is incredible, but very little of this ever finds its way into a treating physician’s hands. And then if it does, it’s usually not done so at the right time, in the right way, or with the right level of credibility – often leading to its non-use.

Care teams and technology providers must do more to bridge the gap between their respective disciplines. It’s simply not good enough to focus on our individual purview and barrel headlong in pursuit of a goal or vision that will not benefit the other. We must understand the demands and needs of the broader healthcare community to build the connective tissue and technologies that can help care providers make informed, empowered decisions in support of the best patient outcome possible.

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