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Tyler Downs Joins Orb Health as Vice President of Engineering to Expand Innovative Virtual Chronic Care Management Services


Richardson, Texas. July 7th, 2020 /BusinessWire/ – Orb Health announced today that it has hired Tyler Downs as Vice President of Engineering to expand the architecture and capabilities of Orb’s innovative platform that supports its virtual Chronic Care Management service. This virtual care delivery platform enables Orb’s innovative virtual services to seamlessly extend the care capacity of FQHCs/CHCs, Health Systems, and ACOs through scalable virtual services for reimbursed Medicare codes such as Chronic Care Management and more resulting in significant improvements in chronically ill patient outcomes while increasing value-based care profitability.

Orb Health’s Collaborative Virtual Care™ enables the high-performance delivery of reimbursed Medicare services such as Chronic Care Management and more as a virtual extension of the practice, using integrated best practices, without requiring additional staff, applications, or office space. The Independent Orb Health Patient Outcomes study on the CCM program at Community Health Centers of Pinellas (CHCP) showed a 54% decrease in Emergency Department (ED) visits for Chronic Care patients with 6 or more chronic conditions within 9 months of implementation resulting in $6.22 million of projected annual Medicare savings per 1,000 patients.

“The demand for Orb Health’s unique and proven approach to virtual healthcare for chronically ill patients has seen huge, ever-increasing demand and we are hiring top talent in the healthcare market to quickly scale and execute our services to meet this demand.” said Bryan Krastins CEO, Orb Health, “Tyler Downs is highly accomplished in quickly envisioning, architecting, building, and scaling technology platforms that support innovative care organizations. His practical healthcare experience couple with hands-on approach is already paying dividends by accelerating our care platform faster than ever before.”

Mr. Downs 20+ years’ experience as a highly effective software architect, developer and executive in communications, big data, and healthcare has driven unprecedented results. His previous work at MedeAnalytics saw him build a world-class analytics solution for healthcare providers and payers. He has also held multiple executive and architect positions at companies such as TriZetto, Allscripts, Siemens, and Microsoft. Mr. Downs currently resides outside of Dallas, TX.

“While analyzing populations of patients, I saw first-hand the opportunity to add key technical services, including artificial intelligence and bi directional data, on top of EMR technology to expand its capabilities for driving intuitive care of a virtual team.” said Tyler Downs, VP of Engineering, Orb Health, “I couldn’t be more excited to join Orb Health during this challenging time when the world needs a innovative approach. Our turnkey program allows overburdened health systems and centers to seamlessly scale without the implementation of new software or adding a single new employee. We’re truly building a transformative healthcare model that is already improving provider and patient’s lives.”

Orb Health is also pleased to announce that several positions for nurses (LPNs, LVNs, CNAs, RNs, more) and other medical professions are available. Anyone interested in a vibrant career with a company that has a visionary approach to 21st century healthcare should visit the careers section at OrbHealth.com for more information.

About Orb Health
Orb Health is based in Richardson, Texas and partners with leading Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), healthcare systems, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), Community Health Centers (RHCs), and Revenue Cycle Management firms to improve patient outcomes and accelerate value-based profitability through Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, and more. Our industry-leading Collaborative Virtual Care™ solution enables providers to seamlessly increase care capacity that delivers coordinated, reimbursable, patient-centric Chronic Care Management as an extension of the practice without requiring additional staff, applications, or office space. All stakeholders in the patient’s outcome work as a cohesive unit through a holistic approach that drives significantly improved patient outcomes and satisfaction while increasing reimbursements and lowering costs.

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About Orb Health

Care Management as a Service™ rapidly provides EMR-connected remote contact centers as a scalable virtual extension of the practice to deliver cross-practice scheduling and care management programs as a guided service without adding staff, apps, or infrastructure.

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