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Visions for the Future of Telemedicine


The American Telemedicine Conference recently held a convening on the topic and shared an interview roundup from three speakers on the future of the practice. One of the unspoken but inferred themes from the interviews in this piece was that telemedicine is still something of the future. Most of the speakers talked about their work they’re doing today in preparation for tomorrow, or even what has to happen to encourage adoption. While we at Orb agree that there is much growth ahead for the industry and we must keep our foot on the pedal to move innovation and adoption forward, we also think there is tremendous opportunity to improve the patient experience and associated care outcomes through some aspects of telemedicine today.

The sophistication of connected devices and at-home testing and monitoring kits has never been greater. This is indicative of the evolution to date in the telemedicine field and provides ample opportunity to collect data that can be used to inform diagnosis and care plans today. Any practice or health system designing a collaborative care platform should be looking at ways to integrate these devices and their data feeds. For example, the data collected through the Orb Health platform – at a minimum – can help doctors and practitioners confirm a diagnosis or possibly lead them to a new one. Vigilant teams can even chart or model the data to forecast potential issues and be in front of medication or care plan changes.

The key to turning this collected data into actionable data is the quality and integration of tools, dashboards and practice workflows. It is possible today to design a system that remotely captures observations that in the past would have required an in-person visit. This allows clinicians to be more efficient in their own activities so they can optimize future visits, handle guidance and medication remotely, or incorporate additional care professionals into the workflow as needed.

So while this piece and the advice of those interviewed is certainly accurate – telemedicine will definitely grow and evolve over the coming years into a standard, possibly primary care practice – there is much that can be done in the here and now. Contact us today to learn how Orb Health offers the best in integration and service to act as an extension of your practice to improve both care and revenues.

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