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Altruis and Orb Health Partnership Joint Press Release

Altruis today announced a partnership to incorporate chronic care management solutions from collaborative care technology leader Orb Health…


Altruis Partners with Orb Health to Bring CCM to 1 Million Patients

The integration of wearables, Electronic Medical Records, and other elements of the healthcare ecosystem with revenue cycle solutions represents the…


Orb Health in Beckers: Why Boomers Will Drive Tomorrow’s Health Technology

The truth is that healthcare innovations are generally driven by the population most in need of care…Baby Boomers.


100% of Patients Agree: Lab Results Should be Available Online

A new study found that 98 percent of patients wanted to receive lab results via secure messaging services (SMS). Further,…


Visions for the Future of Telemedicine

One of the unspoken but inferred themes from the interviews in this piece was that telemedicine is still something of…


The Future of Care: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Accurately Predicts Heart Attacks

One glaring issue that will have to be overcome though is the gap between technology and care teams.


Strong Investment Performance Validates Platform + Services Play

Care teams and technology providers must do more to bridge the gap between their respective disciplines. It’s simply not good…


Orb Health in Beckers: Healthcare Uncertainty is an Opportunity for Health IT

Orb Health fits perfectly into uncertain times so patients can feel comfortable knowing what they need to do to get…


Launching a Chronic Care Management Program: Part 2

The team at Orb Health has created a robust, cloud-based platform that not only is plug-and-play for providers (including automated…


Launching a Chronic Care Management Program: Part 1

In order to utilize CPT code 99490 for monthly reimbursement, you must track and document the care teams’ non-face-to-face communication…