Orb Continuing to Build Momentum in the Marketplace

Orb signed up more than 10 new physician practices and will be supporting thousands of their patients with the Orb…


Orb Health raises funds for portal launch to build fuller picture of consumers’ health from lab results, EHRs, wearable data

The company wants to make sense of the data contained in lab results, as well as information from their wearables…


Orb Health and Synergia OC Team Up for Better Patient Outcomes

Orb Health announced that they will be teaming up with Synergia OC to create a complete turnkey solution using certified…


Mobile Health Apps Improve Quality of Life for 96% of Users

The impact of technology and the increasing access to smartphones around the world are making the benefits of such applications…


Streamlining and Empowering The Doctor’s Workflow

Several groups signed up for Orb, and in the process, confirmed how important it is to honor the doctors work-flow…


Orb mHealth Platform and Dedication to HIPAA Privacy

Empowering providers and employers with mHealth technology shouldn’t include fear that information could later be compromised.


Digital Health Funding Grows with more than $630M invested in Q1 2015

Orb Health recently raised $650,000 in seed round, coming from a handful of investors, including Health Wildcatters, Green Park and…


Orb Health, a Mobile IT Startup, Launches its New Product called Orb

​Orb is connected to major laboratories like Quest Diagnostics, helping accelerate the company’s mission to be the leading provider of…